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Welcome to Nutritional Needs - All you need for good health

Here you can discover how Nutritional Therapy can play a positive part towards a healthier lifestyle.

What Can It Offer?
Nutritional Therapy offers everybody a chance to review their diet, wellbeing and lifestyle. Most people know that a healthy balanced diet is the key to good health, but with so much conflicting information in the media it can be difficult to decide what it all really means.

Modern day diets can be quick and convenient and we often lead busy and hectic lives. You may find yourself feeling stressed and constantly tired and the therapeutic value of food is not often recognised as having a positive or negative effect on the way that you feel. With Nutritional Therapy you can learn which foods are beneficial and which foods are not and soon you could be eating your way to better health and wellbeing.

Will it Help Me?
Maybe you need help with a health problem that is niggling away at you or you would like to improve a more chronic condition that you have. Nutritional Therapy can complement your medical treatment and/or any other therapies that you may be having.

Nutritional Therapy is suitable for all ages and can help a wide range of health problems, whilst recognising that everyone has their own unique requirements.
I have a specialist interest in ME/ CFS: and my aim is to give support with the right nutrients and lifestyle to assist in the recovery of this debilitating condition.

It is not a new concept that what we eat can have a profound effect on our overall health. Hippocrates (460-377 BC) proclaimed:

“Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”



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